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The 9000 years and Second Flood Explained

The 9000 year generations and Second Flood Explained.

The Atlantis texts of Plato clearly tell us that they were "computing" in generations.

The best count for generations is 25 years. In Herodotus' time,they went by 33.33 years or 3 for every 100 years.

Thus 9000 / 100 = 90 cycles of 100 years. 90 x 3 being 270 generations.

So say 270 kings made up the literal 9000 years prior or to 9570.bC.

Whereas 270 x 25 year generations = 6750 years or 7320.bC.

Naturally our numbers would be different according to what generation count we use.
The point however was that I compared a few facts in relation to the generations.
1) Herodotus ca.440.bC told us that 341 kings were 11,340 years which fits his 33.33 reasoning and a date of 11,780.bC for Egypt.

2) Herodotus told us they physically counted 345 wooden statues.

3) Modern Egyptian Kings lists account some 220 kings from the first to the last pharaoh being Menes ca.3150.bC and Psammeticus III ca.526.bC or 2624 years.

2,624 years / 220 kings = 11.93 generations per king.

Quite a vast difference we see there between Herodotus or 33.33 / 11.93 = a 2.79 conversion factor.

Got that? 570 being the year Solon visited Egypt.

Now 9000 years / 2.79 = 3225.81 years as compared to modern lists or + 570 = 3795.81.bC

8000 years / 2.79 = 2867.38 + 570 = 3437.38 .bC for Egypt's Sais.

As you can see in that case the years and generations were converted to modern kings lists. However the modern Egyptian kings lists are obviously corrupted.

So that is one example of the 9000 years. Although we can enstate the 9000 years as literal, this wouldn't have been when the Royal City was built or when the war took place, because it is a "successive" story of generations upto the war and final destruction.

In other words stone age to the bronze age.

We must also remember that the Egyptians are the ones telling the story and we should be familiarized with their record keeping.

This gives us 3 other choices.

1) Bi-Ennial or twice yearly cattle counts = divide the years by 2 or 4500 years + 570.

2) 3 Seasons per an Egyptian year or divide the years by 3 = 3000 + 570.

3) Egypt was divided into 2 lands, Lower and Upper thus divide the statues,kings and years by 2 = 4500 + 570.

According to Egypt we have divisions of 2 and 3 or merit the average of 2.5

As you can see my 2.79 conversion factor falls within that range of Egypt. However according to the Palermo Stone,Turin Canon,Eusebius remarks, the 885 missing years and all the above, I have fine tuned the conversion factor to 2.45.

Thus 9000 years = 3673.47 + 570 = 4243.47.bC for the Royal Cities founding and Greeks Attica state shortly after from Atlanteans.

The 8000 years = 3265.31 + 570 = 3835.31.bC for Sais,Egypt being founded.

Now add the 885 missing years = 5128.47 for the Royal City plus Greece and 4720.31.bC for Sais,Egypt.

The Egyptian Calendar being 4241.bC.

King Meneses (Menes) being 4035.bC when he was 7 years old to the throne. Common record being 3150.bC. (885 missing years).

The Second Flood after 6482.bC being at 3925.bC actual but 3040.bC common.

Menes being born 4042 less 63 years when he was murderd by Khaka Ranubkha Narmer at 3979.bC or when Upper Egypt betrayed the Atlanteans and the wars began.

The second flood happening 54 years later just after Menes' twin son Djetaii was murdered and usurped by Den and Anendjib and Egypt fell for the first time. Den imitating the story of Menes and Mereneit as Narmer also imitated Menes like the much later Ramses pharaohs too.

Around Anendjib an Earthquake is also recorded at Bubastis and we know that Hathor worship appeared around Narmer. Hathor being the bull destruction of the flood as the evil eye of ra while her and sekhmet lapped up the human blood.

The 885 years comes from my date for the murder of JASA the Son of God,known as Philitis The Shepherd on Dec.10th,3474.bC in the Temple of Fire 3,474.bC or 2589 common when Snoferu and Khufu last saw each other. Jasa and the Temple of Fire I recently found out are in fact recorded on the Palermo stone to my amazement! After all I only knew of Him by the Egyptian scrolls and my psychic readings of the Earth,impressions and astral studies.

In any case whether we believe the missing 885 years as also evident by the solar calendars, 3040.bC would still be applicable for the second flood. Originally I thought it was ca.3253.bC or just before.

A graph I have on my pc of the Nile based on the Palermo stone agrees with this 3040.bC date when the Nile reached some 4.5 meters above or roughly 13 feet and has been descending since then.

The Palermos Stone also records an 8 cubit height for the building of the Pyramids or roughly 14 feet at 21 inch royal cubits! This would explain why Herodotus saw seashells and salt on the pyramids and around them.

Amazing, but like I everything else and Atlantis being at the Josephine Torre or what should be properly called Calypso Seamount, I believe it to be true and very close to factual.

After all, how can we go wrong when God has been following me and my research?

Why do you think He left His Name on top of the Great Atlantean Pyramid only for me to witness and not on the other's of phalsiphiers?

You need to study my Josephine map very carefully and see that it does in fact mirror Rosetau for Egypt as testimony to her truth like Plato!


Paulo Riven.