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Why Are We All Atlanteans?

Why Are We All Atlanteans?

Someone asked why I think we are all Atlanteans and another thought my theory was based on 10,000.bC.To set matters straight.

From Spirence.Science or my research and Spirituality or the myths and my knowing internaly.

Atlantis I or our old "Middle Earth" back then was on the island in the Atlantic Ocean that most likely separated from Europe and Africa leaving the straits of Gibraltar open and it's curved mouth. In our view of Gondawanaland and teuctonic plate theories, Atlantis would have been central.

As an island, it would have been some 150 million years old, but much older as part of Gondawanaland.


On either side of the Atlantic we find commonalities like setaria grass, chestnut trees or myths of the Americas saying they came from a destroyed island from the east and in the Atlantic, while for those of Africa,Europe and Asia, they say they came from an island westward of themselves, like the Egyptians or the Rig Vedas and their "White Island".

My theory proposes the final destruction and war was ca.3250.bC.Although there is an 885 year window prior to that date, so 4135.bC also qualifies. In that range of 3250-4250.bC.
The previous destruction was at 6482.bC.

The 9570.bC is from where the legend starts being told according to Solon.It is a "progressive" narrative of the histories up to the final destruction. Egypt was founded 1000 years after or ca.8570.bC, thus the timeframe of 8570 - 3250.bC properly and no later than 1800.bC because that was as far back as Solon could account for.

The 10 kings are reflections of the Original Kings of Atlantis I.

That is why you can compare them all.

The 10 kings were preserved from Atlantis II in Tansania at the Garden that migrated out of Lake Victoria and along the Nile to Egypt where Menes preserved the names in the first Dynasty after the final destruction.

From there it spread around the Mediterranean and to Mesopotamia.

Finaly being preserved as the 10 patriarchs of the bible.

Atlanteans simply means "Foremost of the Earth Land People."Atlantis means "Foremost Earth Land of God's IslandAtlas means " Foremost Ruler of the People"

The oldest Goddess artefact is the Tan Tan Goddess found near Rabat, Morocco at Tan Tan, being some 80,000 years old.

This was the island;


And this was the Royal City with the Hill, the circular ring and wall still visible as noted for the location in the above map;


This was Atlantis II after the 6482.bC destruction and also destroyed from the 3250.bC destruction.

Note the circular island shape, the 5 mountains and the flooded coastline.It also sits near Eritrea and the Straits of the Horn of Africa in parallel to the Straits of Gibraltar and Erithea.


This is the 2nd Royal City at the Garden of Avila or the Olkarien Gorge with it's concentric circles like Atlantis I's Royal City.


That is why we find this artefact dated around 3000.bC that clearly shows the 5 mountains and precise amount of Rings for Atlantis II or I, as they were mirror images of God's unknown Wisdom or Gemini Secret.