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Wisdom of the First Book of Atlanteans Part I

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This the Greatest Message of World Peace for our modern world today.

This is the knowledge of The First Book, before your Second Book, The Holy Bible.

This is The Book of Atlantean TAT. (Tell All Truth)

..............To understand the City of Atlantis .........

.....You have to understand the Tribes of Atlanteans .....

Atlantis is a legend about a large island in the Atlantic Ocean that was preserved by the Egyptians from 9570.bC, according to the Atlantean Script that Solon, a Greek Statesman, brought back with him from his visit to Sais, Egypt and the Libyan Pharaoh Amasis II ca.570-564.bC. Uadjahor Resne, the Head Egyptian Priest, Physician and Naval Admiral along with other priests like Psonchis, revealed the legend of Atlantis to Solon upon his inquiry into antiquity. Unknown to the Greeks, it was forgotten and retained from Egypt in the Temple of Neith and The Sacred Registers as Plato's Timaeus tells us which Plato preserved around 360.bC. Most likely, a Greek and Egyptian speaking scribe copied the story for Solon to take back home with him upon his return to Athens, Greece.

Chalcidius, a Latin Scribe who we know little about and may have been St Augustine, would preserve Plato's work from his original notebook and later penned perhaps in Syracuse, Sicily, around 350.aD. Coincidently, this was also where Plato penned the Timaeus and Critias while in servitude to Dionysios around 360.bC. (based on my study of Oxford's Ms Digby slides of the Chalcidius Timaeus Latin manuscript and translated by myself)

To better understand Atlantis it is easier to view the Timaeus, which was written before the Critias, as the original mention of the Legend which was cleverly "Hidden" in the Astrological account of life's origins and dynamics of Physics which takes us back to the said 9000 years prior, to the seed of He-Phaestus and Athena. This account would have been the original AZORES ATLANTIS I prior to the Great Disaster of Atlantis and past the Pillars of Hercules at Gibraltar some 300 miles to the Josephine and Ormonde Seamounts in the Atlantic Ocean.

Later, the more vivid account of Atlantis, it's social structure and technological achievements such as Triremes, Chariots, Aqua-ducts, Canals, Temples, irrigation, Ten Twin Kings and such, was clarified by Plato's account of Critias. This is also thought to be written around the same era of 360.bC, which takes us into the Bronze Age and no later than 1500.bC to Deukalion's (Ten Kings) Flood and The Battle of Ares (Etruscan Atlanteans). In reality, the two works PRESERVED by Plato, Timaeus and Critias, tell us of a realistic time span of 9570.bC - 1500.bC.

This legend has been doctrine into the human mind as a Myth for 2575 years, simply for lack of verification of our Royal City, which vanished from the Great Destruction. Truth of Life, is that Atlanteans have never completely vanished and were the initial contributors to our advanced technological Earth of today and also where all humans descended from The First Garden of Creation. Simply clarified, any lands touching upon the Atlantic are in fact Atlantean lands where Atlanteans still exist. This includes America, S America, Africa, England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy, NW Africa, and any and all Atlantic Islands, to this very day in our present time and to our future.

The regions of NW Africa, Tarraconensis, Iberia, and all mid European and mid African lands, are the highest accounts of names peculiar to ATLANTIS, and their etymological roots derived from Linear A, the by product of Azilian and Glozel scripts of our FIRST ALPHABET, some 12000 years ago (Twelve thousand). Another prime example is the ancient name for Mauretania, which was known as Gualata, such as Iberia was known as Gaul or Gallia to France, or the Guanches in the Canary Islands and many rivers of Gua or Gades, Spain and Agades, Mauretania. The reason for these names for those territories around the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), is simply because of the great mouth or "Throat" of the Mediterranean which engulfed the Waters of Neptune's Atlantic Ocean. Ga or Gua, in it's deepest form is a body part, specifically, throat. The Phoenicians, commonly attributed Ga or Gad to indicate animal body parts.

In essence many Atlantean cities simply changed over time from subjugations or evolvement such as Lisbon,(Ollasippo) Portugal, Cadiz,(Gades) and Tartessos, Tarraco, Santander, Spain, Atiliana, Barbaria, Tarraconensis Iberia, Lixus (Soloeis) Morroco, Carthage, Phla in Lake Tritonis, Cyrene Libya, Atranto, Otranto Italy, Sicily, Tarxien Malta, Aghia Triada, Phaestus, Knossos and The Great Mesara Plains of Crete, The Peloponnese, Atiliantes Greece, Euboea, Troia (Troy) and Boz Dag Anatolia, Ecbatana, Adana, The Levant, Tanis, Talha, Aja, Al Mansurah, Abu Roash, Cairo,Saqqara and further south to Atlantis II upon the once large island of Tansania, Avila (Africa) and past the broken pillars of Eritea to Ethiopia, are but some of the vast empires of Atlantis in Ages past.

The Atlanteans are known to have arrived through the "Throat" of the Mediterranean from the Largest Island in the Atlantic. In essence there are ONLY TWO such throats or "Pillars of Hercules" that provide passage to the Atlantic, Erythea, Gibraltar and Eritea, Ethiopian Red Sea, also in tune with the mystery of Atlantean "TWINS".

To exemplify the uniqueness of languages and how Gualata is a derivative of Atlantis , we only need to look at the translation from old Bostrephodon, for the word GUALATA, which would be ATALAUG, backwards. Originally, the u was a y, and the G, was a C in our language histories that reveals the importance of ATALAYC. Atalais, Atalis, Atlas, Atlantis.

This is another test upon the word Atlantis, which in itself stands provenance and is composed of many true and hidden meanings that are indicative of refuting any falsehood associated with the word Atlantis. In short, after 2575 years of denial, it's time the World ACCEPTS THE FACT AND VERIFICATION, that ATLANTEANS, are in fact living, breathing Humans, such as myself who comes from these mid Atlantic Waters and for the most part since 6482.bC and our Father's recreation of us, we are primarily Atlantean ancestors today in our highly technological World upon Earth. This in itself is a great message of peace for our understandings that we all came from the same place and same families.

The Sub Continental Island of Atlantis that existed in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Stones of Hercules, Gibraltar some 150 million years ago, was the First Garden of Umans and Animals that populated the Earth. According to Critias’ statement of 9000 years prior to Solon, we could say that around 10,840 bC to compliment 1240 years of growth needed for an estimated size of some 6-10 million people as told by Critias, the Atlanteans would have started construction on the Royal city of Atlantis, the Canal, and the great circular Harbours around the Palace and Temple of Neptune.

The existence of the largest island in the Atlantic, Atlantis (“larger in extent than Libya and Asia”, Plato/Critias), can be visualized which you would see if you were to connect the islands of Cape Verde, Canaries, Madeira, and the Azores islands which would outline the sub-continental sunken landmass of Atlantis estimated at some 2000 x 1000 miles in area. A second and prominent theory of Atlantean migrations comes from Atalante and myself in relation to the Lake Tritonis and the Tunisian landbridge crossing to Sicily, Malta and Crete. The Atlanteans established their bases in Lake Tritonis, Sicily and Atranto, Italy as the Critias dialogue also reminds us of Atlantis controlling Europe up to Tyrrhenia, Italy and Africa up to Egypt. Atlantis was the initial homeland to the Homo-Sapiens, Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal cultures. Later they would also land on the shores of the Americas planting Chestnut trees and Setaria grass and establishing trading posts and seeding the north east corner of S. America with the mysterious Mayans.

Sometime after 50,000 bC at the apex of human race types or our true start of civilizations, Atlantis became densely populated giving rise to the mysterious Basques and the highly advanced Aterian and Azilian cultures. Atlantis mysteriously disappeared around 6482.bC or 3253.bC from a Great Disaster and Flood caused by earthquakes and excessive rains as Critias tells us.

Atlantis was an extremely beautiful and fertile land, which contained all types of foods, fragrances, flora and animals, including the largest and greatest Mountains of visual magnitude. Mt Tiede in Tenerife, Canaries and Mt Pico in the Azores are good examples of the remnants of Atlantis.

The Royal City of Atlantis was created when Neptune inherited the island and fell in love with Evanor and Leucippe’s daughter named Cleito. They were blessed with 5 sets of Twins who later would become the 10 Kings that ruled throughout the Kingdom of Atlantis including the entire Mediterranean. Atlas, being the firstborn twin who is a Titan, was the leader of the Atlanteans. The era of Atlantis Royal city would coincide with the Astrological rule of Leo and her worship of Lions, which also were the fiercest animals found there and worshipped by many cultures such as the Etruscans, Mycenaens, Phrygians, Phoenicians, Assyrians and Egyptians.

From around 11,000.bC to 3253.bC, Atlantis, through a Democratic form of Government, would control the interior region of the Mediterranean, inside the Pillars of Hercules. Here they ruled as far as Tyrrhenia (Ampheres) and up to the borders of Egypt (Diaprepes). After the destruction of Atlantis the survivors and established settlements would remain recognized up to 1500 bC. Atlantis would later lose their control in the Great Battle around 3473bC when the Greeks were all that were left standing against the Atlanteans, while the Egyptians, Phrygians, Lidyans, Persians and Arabians all retreated or were defeated. Fortunately, the battlegrounds sank liberating the Mediterranean nations from Atlantean rule.

The story of Zeus(1600.bC) and the battle of the Titans, parallels this legend where we also see other evidences that were left behind like the Gebel-el-Arak knife(3500bC) and the Narmer Tablet(3200bC) and the Egyptian Tomb 100 map, as hidden clues to the past. Personally, in my opinion and research, I would tend to agree that Atlantis also controlled Greece and Egypt, which later wanted their independence, and as we now know all the more reason when Egypt actually was an Atlantean colony to begin with, stripped of her glory and ancestors. This is simple to understand when we know that Libyans were Atlanteans and that the Delta Nile was originally controlled by Maadi-Libyan Atlanteans from their province of Maeria as the Tehenu Libyan Palette also reminds us from around 3250-3500.bC. In all probability, the Pyramids were actually built by Atlanteans.

Upon Solon’s return to Greece, he related the story to a good friend of his named Dropides, who in return told the story to his son Critias who at nearly 90 years old, told it to his grandson Critias II when he was 10 years old. Later, Critias II would relate this story to Socrates, Hermocrates and Timaeus around 420.bC in an amphitheatre in Greece. Fortunately for us, Plato rewrote this legend around 360.bC that was preserved through his family, in his works Timaeus and Critias which is stated as True and Factual by these Great Scholars and has diverted criticism for 2573 years!!

To better comprehend this story, it would be to your advantage to save a copy of Plato’s works and study them in detail. I wouldn’t want to ruin the legend by telling you everything!! You can read or copy them in my Plato’s Truth link.

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For now, here is Truth of your Legend and ongoing research into Science and Spirit Forever,(Spirence) for one cannot be the one without the other or elusive third that binds them both...Paulo Riven.

Q] Is the Atlantic Ocean a Myth?
A] No, it is a the second largest body of water that divides America from Europe and Africa.

Q] Why do they call it the Atlantic Ocean?
A] Because it was named from the Atlantean cultures.

Q] Why do they call it the Atlas Mountains in NW Africa?
A] Because it was named after the Atlantean cultures.

Q] What are Atlantean cultures?
A] Any groups of human beings who existed in or around the Atlantic Ocean, such as America, S. America, Arctic, Europe, Africa, Antarctica and any Atlantic Islands like Azores, Iceland, England, Thule, Madeira, Canary Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bimini, St. Tome, Cape Verde, Barbados, Antilles, etc, etc.

Q] Are Atlantean cultures a Myth?
A] No, because Archaeologists and Herodotus told us about the Atalantes and Atarantean cultures who lived in Africa on her western coasts around Lake Tritonis and around the Atlas Mountains and in Western Europe to the extremity of the Pillars of Hercules or Gibraltar Straits as recorded by us.

Q] Why do people dismiss Atlantean cultures in general?
A] Because they are not tutored in Atlantean Histories and generally are fixated by the notion that Atlanteans come from a magical underwater city as portrayed in modern Fables, and are also refrained from wisdom by suppressions.

Q] Who are the Atlanteans?
A] The cultures who existed in and around the Atlantic Ocean and were predominant in settling Africa, Europe, S. America and America, both from the land bridge crossings of Iceland and The Bering Strait in China and Alaska and from crossing over on boats or early ship types.

Mostly, we know the Atlantean by different names in the course of our Archaeological studies, which most scholars name these cultures according to their pottery types, industries, or cultural styles and traits, while most names are not what those ancients would have called themselves such as The Bell Beaker Cultures of Europe or Cave people being called The Stone Age people.

Q] What are some of the names early Atlanteans were known by or still are known by, other than Atlantean?
A] I would say to compliment the rise of civilizations ca 50,000.bC, would be a good apex to research Atlantean cultures from, other than 100,000.bC Cro-Magnon, or 1 million b.C Neanderthals.

In Europe, some of these early Atlanteans were known as Aterian, Azilian, Aetolian, (who were writing and developed our Alphabet ca 12,000.bC) Celtoi, or Celts, Cimmerians, Basques and Navarros, who are a fading culture bordering France and Spain and are related to the Guanche cultures of the Canary Islands.

Some of their modern names are; Portuguese, English, Scandinavian, French (Gallic), Spanish,(Gaulic) Italian, Germans, Ukrainians, Belgians, Norwegians, Russians, Polish, Serbians, Latvian, Greeks, Cyclades or the early Vinca cultures around Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia who were writing around 6000.bC.

In Africa we also find Azilian, Aterians, Berber, Moors, Tuaregs, Capsians or Capstans, Qadans, Atalantes, Atarantes, Gualata, Alata, Azaes, Troglodytes, Dogones, Garamantes, Maxyans, Lotophagi, or simply Libyans, Egyptians or Gerzeans, Natufians, Fayums and Aetiopians from Kush and Sudan or Arabians upon the Sinai. Mauretanians, as they were known in the 12th centuries.

In S. America we find Mayans, Aztec, Incans, Peruvians, Mexicans, and other jungle tribes.

In America we find Native Indians like Mohawk, Apache, Kennewick Man, Ojibuay, Cree, Chippewa, Mexicans, or the Canadian First Nations.

Afro-Americans, etc, etc.

In Asia we find Anatolians, Turkish, Black Sea Cultures, (Tartars) Georgians, Carians, Ionians, Lydians, Arabians, Persians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Indians, Assyrians, like the earlier palaeolithic Enyans who became the Phoenician cultures upon the Levant with Byblos, Tyre and Sidon, and Cypriot cultures of Cyprus and Rhodes.

Basically, as my translations of the 10 Atlantean Kings names suggest, the Atlanteans were predominant around the ENTIRE MEDITERRANEAN.

When people really and truly understand this, and understand that English and our Alphabet comes from Linear A and not Linear B, then they will also come to grasp with reality, that...



You can run or curse, or alter our Histories, but you can't hide the great Truth of The Law of One.

We speak, read and write these evolved words today into English, from earlier Atlanteans.

Atlantean – Aterian – Azilian – Aetolian – Linear A – Latin – English (linear B came from Linear A)

The meaning of the word Atlantis broken up into Linear A syllables and translated from 50,000 year old ancient Basque by Riven.

"The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn the abundant monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the secret of creation."

Jebel (African) > Jabel(Arabian) > Mountains
Djenna (African) > Djanna (Arabian) = Mountain Peaks

Why is it so hard for people to understand that Atlanteans simply means the most antique cultures of our modern world?

That is why it IS THE OLDEST LEGEND PRESERVED. Older than the Great Flood.

The only significance to discovering the City of Atlantis is to prove that the city actually existed like Troy, but not to prove that Atlantean Cultures exist.

The importance of finding the City of Atlantis is in hope of discovering ancient recordings of our advanced and evolved knowledge, as we know it today and to satisfy our curiosities of a 12,000 year old legend which was revealed 2577 years ago in 570.bC from Pharaoh Amasis and Uadjahor-Resne.

The Egyptians even told us, and they were smarter than anyone else around them in antiquity and histories, that their teachings and wisdom came from a Risen Earth Land WESTWARD of themselves in the Delta Nile to TATENEN or Zep-Tepi if you like.

You should now realize that Africa is Atlantean also and question who really built those pyramids.
Where do they say your oldest bones and roots of DNA go back to?

Tanzania? Aetiopia? Old Dupai Gorge?

The Land of JA where the Garden of Avila (Eden) is.

The First Garden of Creation was on Atlantis Island, the Second Garden is in Tanzania near the Ngorongoro crater.

You should know this and retain the histories of your ROOTS.

God, The Father Creator IS REAL.
Atlanteans are Real.

Point noticed, is that the Twin pyramids were built by the Atlanteans and God ca.3500-4500.bC.

Africans are Atlanteans
Edgar Cayce
Hall of Records
Atlantean Chronicles
Missing Sphinx NW of The Red Pyramid
Serapaeums, Temples
Apis Bulls
Secret Teachings
The Lion faces East
The Secret of The Son of Man
The Secret of The Holy Garden
The Secret of Carina Nebula
The Sun rises in the East.

That is the Sacred Teachings for our Earth.

But could the Sacred Reasoning of God wanting us to look East, to his Rising Sun, be of His Rising Son in the Carina Nebula Star System?
Could this have been once another Earth?
Could we have come from there?

I wonder....


(If you draw a map of the pyramids in the heavens, they point you to Carina Nebula and not Orion.)


ATLANTES-of Libyan people
ATLANTICUS-of Mount Atlas

Written in Stone, King of The Double Falcons 3500.bC Libya, Delta Nile, Sinai, Levant.



Solon: "Tell me Uadjahor, where lies Atlantis?"

Egyptian Priest: "Solon, as the Falcon flies west, to the risen land, over the empire of lions and Kings, Avila (Africa) and further west (2nd Falcon) over the the realm of Nu (Ocean), lies a once fertile sunken (flooded) land, where knowledge and the teachings of spirituality come from."-SaJaRa-Riven 2005.aD.